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TBall - Ages 4 and 5

Little League Lil' Hitters is a blast! Each season we have fun playing our very successful Little League brand of tee ball with our main key is to have FUN! Tee Ball begins at league age 4. We recommend all players have 1 season of tee ball before moving up to Champ ball.

Tee Ball is the starting point for baseball and girls softball. We recommend every player age 4 or 5 to have at least one season in Tee Ball and then feel free to play the next season in Champ Ball. Some players enjoy their 4 and 5 year old age playing Tee Ball for two seasons.

Coaches, parents and players alike have a tremendous season. The teams are parent coached and play under the rules and direction of Tulsa National LL. Teams are made up of 8 to 10 players. The team size is kept small to allow for more interaction and attention for all the players that will keep them involved in the game. We always need parents involved to coach these teams and you can organize your team around your players friends and school classmates.

We need every parent that will be the main coordinator for their players tee ball team to go to our REGISTRATION INFO menu and login to complete a volunteer signup. We need your contact information so we can draft a tee ball team around your players demographics. This is very important, every tee ball team needs a parent that will be the team parent to coordinate the teams activities.

Tee Ball teams will play 8 to 10 games during a season and all players will receive a participation trophy. In addition, all players receive a baseball jersey and hat. Parents will need to purchase their player a glove. We recommend every player to have a batting helmet. Players can share a tee ball bat.

In Little League, there are no additional charges for uniforms, parking fees, gate fees, umpires, coaching, Your registration fee is the only cost in our program.

The MOST IMPORTANT success in getting our tee ball teams organized and practicing is for the parents to make sure and volunteer early to be the Team Manager. We will wait until we have team managers before players are put on a team.

What is the Team Manager?
The team manager is the team’s communicator and organizer. Basic responsibilities are to communicate through email to the parents. The team manager decides on which days and time to practice, where to practice, signing up for free practice fields at our facility, picks up and hands out the team uniforms and assigns the snack duties to a parent each game. The rest of the teams parents, up to 4, help coach the team. Little League provides online instructional video, coaching tips and a booklet to help out each team. We’ve found the most successful teams have a good team manager that sends out a weekly email to the team.

First Step for Team Manager?
Register your Team! We have a simple form where you list your contact information and also your player and friends, if any, to be on the same team. Many parents just list their player on the form and we’ll add the remaining players to complete your team.

Tee Ball play is open to 4 and 5 year old players. Each season we play 8 to 10 games. All games are played at The Diamonds at LaFortune or at Hilti Park. 

We offer a very affordable registration fee that includes the uniform (Hat & Jersey). There are no other costs involved except for personal items such as a glove, bat, or batting helmet. Gloves are the only essential item as players do end up sharing bats and other equipment. All the players will receive a participation award at the end of the season, this is the only league that we provide participation awards since there are no league standings in the Tee Ball division. This is also their first experience and we want to make it a good one!

Tee Ball parents attend each game and many want to be on the field helping out. To do this you must register as a  volunteer. You can do this during player registration or on our volunteer registration page.

Tulsa National LL supplies each team with a batting tee, practice and game balls.

Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in this introduction level of Little League. After completing a Little League volunteer application and passing a required national background check, parents may become involved in practices, and be eligible as coaches, managers, umpires, local league board members and other volunteer positions within the league.

Now it’s time to sign up to be a team manager and sign up your player! We are Little League!


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